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Collectors & wolverweenies

wolviestoys.com - personal collection
- Another massive Wolverine collection, complete with boxshots, collectors cards and all sorts of Wolvie collectables!!! I bow down!!

- A huge collection and site with info on collector cards, Vinyl, Game figures, Plush, Statues, Wow!


logan files.com
comic price guides, covers, fan forums, and a library o' wolverine research.

PhyreBlades’ Ultimate Wolverine Claw Reference Guide
a 2007 guide to finding yourself some wolverine claws

Kris abel's Making Wolverine’s Claws
a great guide to clawcrafting!!!

James Marsano
James builds and sells some incredible custom statues and busts... forget your 'dollies', this guys work is fantastic!!

A personal collection, lots of good pics and wow o wow I need an Marvel Legends scale Xavier institute bad!

niub niubs universe
ok I know, I know, it's Starwars... but this dude is the diorama KING!

custom wolverine figures... in case there weren't enough already.

Toy News

RAving Toy Maniac

Toy News International

SuperHero Times

Actionfigure Times