Missing wolverine figures

The figures below are the ones known to be missing from my collection. If you know of any others, please drop me an email.

If you've got one of the toys below and you'd like to part with it, check out my trade list, (donations are happily accepted too of course).

Xmen Origins Wolverine: street removable hands, leather jacket

Xmen Origins Wolverine: Yellow Uniform, unmasked

Xmen Origins Wolverine Deluxe: Logan witrh Motorbike

Xmen Origins Wolverine Deluxe: Weapon x stasis chamber

Xmen Origins Wolverine Deluxe: Wolverine w/Colossus


Wolverine and the xmen - BLack uniform

Wolverine and the xmen - Logan, Street - white shirt variant


Marvel Select Brown Wolverine (exclusive bigbadtoystore)

Marvel Select yellow Wolverine

Marvel Select First Appearance


Wolverine Electronic Slashing Action Figure

Wolverine Electronic Yellow Shirt Slashing Action Figure


Mini mates - wave 29: X-force wolverine

minimates: wave 29 WW2 wolverine

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: logan vs Sabretooth

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: logan vs Sabretooth (variant)

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: wolverine VS Agent 0

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: wolverine vs Blob

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: special ops wolverine vs. deadpool

Xmen Origins Wolverine Minimates: weapon x wolverine vs. Silverfox (exclusive



Wolverine Movie Figure

X-Men Action Figure Asst. 2:Super Poseable Air Strike Wolverine w/ Pop-Out Wings

Secret Invasion Minimates - 1st App

Secret Invasion Minimates - Skrull Wolverine

Marvel MiniMates Series 14 X-Men 3: The Last Stand Wolverine & Jean Grey


Build a figure, Red Hulk series - Black Variant

Build a figure, Red Hulk series - yellow Variant

Legends Icon Series wolverine

Marvel/Transformers crossover
minimates series 13
mutant racer
Mutant Racer Wolverine

Marvel Legends - Wolverine & Forge

25th aniversary
toys r' us exclusive
minimates DVD 4 pack
maximate wolverine
legends series 12 - unmasked variant
Faceoff - and faceoff variant head
legendary riders - blue pants variant
Diamond Select Toys - days of future past

Super Hero Showdown 2-pack

Berzerker Wolverine
- Super Hero Showdown Chase figure

Marvel Maga Morphs Wolverine

Marvel Figure Factory wolverine

HELP! I haven't seen the figure for this up close? is it a repaint, new, or just a repackaging

Street Fight Logan

Spiderman and Friends Wolverine cycle
Spiderman and Friends Bumper Car
variant head crime fighter wolverine

2nd wave of UK X2 ( is that x3 maybe...) figures

Series 2 -Yelllow Legs repaint

showdown wolverine and chopper

Series 4 Weapon X - Silver Cables Repaint

Battle Blasters Battle Ravaged wolverine -yellow repaint

Xmen Strike Team
series 3 slightly darker repaint w/ a cloth belt... sheesh..

Marvel's Classic Super Heros
Space Wolverine -Red repaint

Heavy Hitters

Mega Armor wolverine - Chrome-a-rific version

yellow variant of this motorcycle


Wolverine Combat Cave


not-quite-action figures

got the figure, don't have the bike... poor guy can't stand on his own.

some little pvc guy to hang with this guy

medicom vinyl toy
inflatable wolverine
Superhero squad- any and all.. if anyone knows the details on these, like which wolverii are actually different, please drop me an email

Real Action Heroes 1:6 Scale (12-Inch)

Real Action Heroes X3 1:6 Scale (12-Inch)